Crystal Lax Writings

Gift from God

God Is About Family Unity

 Family+Problems in a family+Finding the solution to the family problem{finding the right Formula}+Solving the problem{finding the answer}=The sum of Total LOVE, FORGIVENESS And  MORE FORGIVENESS.

Problems in a family is like having a MATH problem to solve. You must first evaluate the problem, find the right formula, in order to solve the problem and find your answer.

Families are the institution created by GOD, any one that attempts to break the bond of a family, is someone who doesn't like to see togetherness and unity in the family. God is about unity of the family, this world teach us tough love. That's good and dandy, but I don't believe in tough love, to the point. You throw your love one out on the street and live them to be harm, hurt or killed by the hand of strangers.

Envasion Of Strangers

Some strangers love to see a family divided. If a family is divided, how can a family stand against their enemies? A enemy must first divide the family, nation, or church first,there's one breakdown. Remove the mother and father as well, now you have a total breakdown. Leaving the children to wander this earth for answers mom and dad are suppose to give them.

Children listen to their friends and turn against their own parents. Parents who sacrifice, gave time and energy to care for them. A stranger come like a sneaky serpent, whisper negative words in our children ears. With deep intentions to  devour and conquer.

The bible says: the devil come to steal, kill and destroy. There's a lot of people out here wait for their opportunity to whisper negative words into family members ears. With hope to separate, bring forth a strong wedge between family members. In order  to break the strong family bond.

Break the strong bond and the family is defeated. God is the father of family togetherness.

A family is the cornerstone to this nation. Some parents, have never turn their back on their children. Yet, the children listen to strangers, end up turning against their own mom and dad.

Some of God churches are  divided. God is UNITY its the strength for a church, family and a nation. How can a enemy defeat a nation or family? They must first divide it. God is never about division, he put us together to work together. Haters become jealous, when they see a loving, caring and close knit family.

They plot on ways to break the family apart. Don't  allow anything to break your family bond, not even material things on this earth. A car can breakdown, the love of a family will always remain. I never allow a stranger to make me turn against my children, I knew what they wanted to see.

A family divided No longer working together.

We are family! Remember that, no matter what problem you and your family is going through. Family will have problems, that's life! Forgiving like God forgive us everyday, is one of the key, to keep a strong family together. When people are too prideful to say "I'm sorry" how can a family heal?

When all the nay sayers are gone. Your family will always be there! Don't allow someone to pass on from this earth and you never made it right with them. Call your mom, dad, child, brother, sister,family member. You've not spoken with because of some kind of family disagreement.

Call them and Say I don't know what happen between us, but I'm sorry. Can you forgive me? Or if they've offended you, forgive like God have forgave you for your many wrongs.

turn from stuff and love God again.


Now, that I have my new husband, wife, home, car, child I prayed for and the new promotion on the job. I no longer need you lord.

So many people have turned their back on God. The man that answer their prayer in the time of their troubles. God never left them nor forsake them, he was always there for them.  Now, they have the material stuff of this world, they forgot about God.

I wonder how the heart of God is feeling, He said: "to have no other God before him" Not to worship idols. Yet, too many people have turned their heart away from God, for a car, home, furniture, money, clothes, children and spouses. We are not to place NO ONE before GOD, not even our children.

Adulterous selfish, self-center generation of people.Too focus on goods, instead of their souls. What profit a man or woman to gain the whole world and lose their soul, while trying to gain the best cars, expensive clothes, homes?

Can a man or woman take to hell or heaven the material things the accumulated here on this earth? No, they leave it behind for another generation of people to enjoy. God heart is wounded, because the people wont hear his word and voice. They prefer to listen to their i-pod instead of his heart.

The weeping God for his children, children whom God have blessed, yet, they refuse to be a blessing to others. Why, are you causing the heart of God to weep. Like a mother weeping for a child that turns away from her. God heart aches.

Please turn from stuff and love God again. Anything or anyone, you allowed to supercede your mind on it, instead of God is call an "Idol".Repent your faults to God, ask him to forgive you. For the worship of women, men, cars, home and etc.....,

The Labor Pain Of Life


In life we go through a lot of pain and suffering. Sometimes we believe we're incapable of making it through the fire of life. Yet, ever time we announce “I can't do it”, we've taken another step forward. When we look back at the furies fire, we've walked through in life .  It show unto us that we “did it”.

We got through what we believed was impossible.

Like a woman giving birth, she may scream out “I can't do this, I just want it to stop”. In a little while she made it through the birth pain of giving life. In her arms is the new life she said, she was unable to bring forth from her womb.We shout in the pain of life “lord I can't do this”. God response back and say“look up, you've already done it”. “You made it through already, what are you talking about“? ”You can't do what“. We have the capabilities to do all things through Christ which gives us the strength to do.

Nothing is ever impossible with God. God believe in us, that's all we need. As long as God believe in you and you believe in yourself, nothing is too hard or impossible for you. Even if your friends, family turn their backs on you and stop believing in you. As long as you believe in yourself, you're a unstoppable force.

In the vocabulary of God I can't is not define, its not an option. Once again I can do all things through Christ Jesus. God is a God of hope and possibilities, A God of faith being in full operation. A small amount of Faith in God can move mountains out of your way. It can even make your enemies to become at peace with you.

Nothing is too hard for God, with God being on your side. Nothing is impossible for you neither.

Think about it!

The Birth Of New life


As a child enter this world, God is birthing a lot of people into a New Life.
The game of life have taken its toll on you. You may not have the energy you once had. Feeling fatigue to continue to keep fighting.

Well I say “ Arise and Fight”! God is not finish with you yet“. Your life isn't over, God still have something in store for you“.

The latter rain of blessing is already in the making for you. The pressure of pushing down in order to give birth, produce the positive result of life miracles for you.  New Life is only moments away.

A mother must push to birth her child. You must push your way through, to give birth to your once lost dreams, hopes, visions. You're going to find again inside of you. No one can stop the spiritual natural of birth. Not even the devil himself.

Like the lady in the bible with the issue of blood for so many years. She pushed her way through a crowd of people in order to receive her new birth in life.


The joy of New Life