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Gift from God

Justice Served

Melinda was raped by her stepfather at the tender age of twelve. She grew up being a very confused and angry young woman; Melinda just couldn’t come to terms with the fact of knowing her stepfather violated her and no one in her family done anything to protect her. Basically they protected him over the twelve year old girl.

Her blindfold mom pulled covers over her head. In order to not deal with the obvious her husband was a child molester and child rapist. I guess the reality world were too hard for her to deal with, leaving Melinda open to the punishment of being an innocent child born here on this earth. With no one around her to care or protect her.

Melinda found it amazing how other people would punish her for her anger, yet refused to punish the man whom caused a warm tender heart child, into become a very anger young woman. No real and true justice for the victim, her stepfather walked through years, never once paying the consequences for his action of hurting a child.

In the shadow darkness of Melinda mind she wanted to kill her stepfather and mother for the pain they brought unto her life. Melinda washed away those thoughts many of time from her mind. She started going to church as if, going to church would cruel the demons of her past. Forgiveness the preacher spoke about over, over again. Melinda adopted that theory of forgiving her stepfather and the rest of her family member, in order for her to move on with her life. She forgave them all.

Melinda went to counseling to chase the forever haunting demons away, which came to the surface of her mind. The replay event of the rape, cause her pulse heartbeat to increase. Melinda would wake up in a cold sweat, from the memory of her past replayed over, over in her mind. The anger came back time after time. “how could someone do that to a child, and no one cared enough”? Her thoughts would rage. Melinda shook her anger off and went back to sleep.

The fall of 1992 Melinda enrolled in a nearby community college, everything seem to be going great in her life. She met this real nice guy Tony from her psychology class. Tony and Melinda went out on couples of dates before deciding to get serious with their relationship.

Tony helped Melinda get through her many tormented nights of cold sweats . Melinda mother would invite her and Tony over for family gatherings. Even though, Melinda hated her stepfather for what he done to her as a child.  Melinda would still attend the family gathering. Her stepfather would corner Melinda in the kitcken, touching on her while her husband Tony was in the next room. Melinda stood shocked and thrown off by his boldness and disrespect for her husband.

Flashes of Melinda holding a knife and carving out the heart of her stepfather, flashed through her mind like pictures on a movies screen.

“Maybe I should be a killer who take justice in my own hand” I guarantee no one would ever have to worry about saying “what’s wrong with Melinda”? All the people who’ve harmed me along the way, I kill every last one of them”. This would be my justice; I will feel justice has truly been served”. 

"How did my forgiving them bring justice to my soul”? Why, am I suffering every day of my life just to be half way normal”, No I feel, I’m not going to be better until, I kill everyone, who hurt me along the way”. Now that’s justice”.


“All those bitches from high school, the guys who picked with me for the hell of it” Those women who played the petty catty games with me all need to die”. Many of them not knowing, they were in the path of a woman with deep potential to kill.

Due to Melinda passive moments of submissive and quietness. Others just seen her, as a push over woman easily to take advantage of. Melinda took this position as her own way of controlling her impulses to murder bitches and anyone that violates her in some way.

Melinda was afraid of her own anger if allowed to spin into rage. Melinda knew she was capable of killing. Melinda lived a very closed off lifestyle before meeting Tony; she lived in the bubble of her house, in order to do no harm to others.

Women who lived a very sheltered life attempt to interact with her, never could understand her.

They seen Melinda as weird, crazy and strange, Melinda couldn’t not stand being around women like them. How could they really understand or can related to women whose been violated from a young age, there’s a different. A sheltered bitch always had protection, they always felt safe. Unlike a person thats been hurt from a young age. She’s always on the defense and ready to kill, if she have too, in order to protect herself.

Many of these type of women would laugh and act as if they’re better than Melinda, triggered the raging impulses of Melinda inward being. She would became boiling hot.

Melinda one day relaxing at a famous spa establishment, encounter the annoying whispering and catty play of a couple women getting a facial massage. One of the women approached her with real petty and catty shit.This particular day Melinda wasnt in the mood for anyone bull shit.

The woman kept saying little sly sneaky put down words towards Melinda, reached inside of her purse to cock back the gun she keep on her for protection, “if one of these bitches say one more sly ass catty word to me, I’m going to blow off the mother fucking head and I’m not playing”. One of the women in the group noticed Melinda hand moving around her in purse and motion to the other woman to lets go.

How lucky bitch, today was going to your last day breath me on this earth, If you said one more catty ass word about me or to me”. I swear I was going to stretch your ass down on this concrete slab”. Melinda said in her mind as she adjusts her gun back proper position.

Melinda tolerance level for others who bully attempt to intimidate others people were very low. One thing Melinda couldn’t stand was bullies. Melinda started to feel herself spin out of control. She went to Dr. Sheam for several sessions in order to get her emotions back under control. Tony notice Melinda activity level increased again, she started a group for women with past abuse in their lives. Melinda also became a public speaker on child abuse and rape.


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Once again everything in her life seems to be going well. The summer of 1989 Melinda stepfather was found behind a nearby back alley with his penis diced up in little pieces, skin burned beyond recognition, eyes plucked out from his head. No one knew who done such a cruel killing to him.

When Melinda receive the news not one tear drop fell from her eyes over his murder. In fact she rejoiced, she threw a get to gather party and celebrated two nights’ straight. In her world and heart justice was served. The same cruel deposition her stepfather had, as he snatched her innocence away was the same treatment he received.

After awhile, a chilling serial killer was on the loose. Ten people Melinda had went to high school with, came up murdered, and in similar patterns as her stepfather were murdered. Melinda bought new locks for her doors, changed her home alarm system code, form a neighborhood committed watch.

Although, Melinda hated the ten people the police found murder. She never wanted them to die in such a cruel way. A slew of murder was happening throughout the valley. Every last person killed were someone Melinda knew as past predators.

 What is going on” Melinda thought to herself. This can’t be an accidental; everyone I’ve had a bad encounter with came up murder”. “Is there a connection with me”? Is the killer coming after me next”? Melinda heart begins to race.

Melinda called Detective Wells, who’ve been investigating the murders. Melinda informed detective Wells how she noticed, everyone she knew from high school or made a brief encounter with are dead. I think the killer is coming for me next”. Melinda said panically. “Don’t you worry Melinda, we will post men outside of your door and everything will be just fine”. I really don’t think these murders have anything to do with you”. “To make you feel safe I will have uniform men watching your house” okay”. Giving her a slight pat on her back, to comfort her.

Melinda went home double checked all the door and windows for assurance. Tony said, “Honey stops it, come to bed, “try not worry about it. It’s an unfortunate thing that happens to those people, but at the same time. “They were people who done fucked up shit to you”. I hate to say it honey, but hell they deserved everything they’ve gotten”. Justice of another kind.

Melinda started suspecting Tony as the killer. “Honey, I know you love me, but you wouldn’t kill anyone for me would you”? Honey, you know I love you and yes I would kill for you”, if you’re trying to ask if I murder those people, the answer is NO”. Okay, now stop worrying your husband isn’t a serial killer”. He gave her a smile and walked out of the bedroom.



On the evening of October 31st, 2001 Melinda was upstairs getting dress for the big neighborhood Halloween party. She was going dressed as a fair godmother. The phone rang and Melinda was taken by surprise of hearing who the other person was on the phone.

It was an enemy she knew at one of her previous housing complex Sherri. Sherri gave Melinda so much hell, Sherri and Melinda liked the same guy from the complex and he went for Melinda. Sherri spread all type of slanderous rumors regarding Melinda, got other people to harass Melinda. Their harassment in on for so long Melinda ended up moving away from her lavished décor condo. Sherri was the top on Melinda list for pay back justice.

Why is this bitch calling me”? Melinda said to herself. “Hello” yea Melinda” yes, this is Melinda”. Hi, Melinda this is Sherri, I know you’re wondering why in the hell, I’m calling you”. “Yea, something like that”, “I’m calling you because, “Do you remember John the guy you use to go out with”?

 “Yes, what about him”? “ He’s dead, they found him yesterday buried in his backyard” I guess his dog was digging for a bone, and one of his friends, walked over to see why the dog were barking uncontrollable, discover john hand sticking out from the shallow grave”. Sherri told Melinda.

Melinda drop the phone sat down on the edge of the bed, started to cry. John and Melinda past relationship was good, he were one of the good guys that came cross her path. “Why, did he have to die” Melinda cried out loud. Sherri still on the phone shouting Melinda name

Melinda, pick up the phone”. Melinda reached down to pick up the receiver to the phone. Yes” Melinda would you mind if I come by”? John has something he wanted to give to you”, he found out, you’d marriage so he didn’t want to interfere with your marriage”. Yea, okay” Melinda responded in a daze like matter.

Sherri came by Melinda house around 7 p.m. before the Halloween party started. Melinda and Sherri sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee. As Melinda stared at Sherri memories of how and what Sherri did to her flashed quickly in Melinda head. Sherri noticed a very scary and strange look upon Melinda face. Sherri became nervous as Sherri attempt to apologize for the hell she took Melinda through.

Melinda eyes changed another color like hells fire. She stared at Sherri with great intent to murder. Sherri became uncomfortable, reached for her coat and purse to leave. Like a flash of lighting Melinda grab Sherri by her hair, threw her down on the ground, grabbed a meat cleaver from her kitchen counter and drew it to Sherri throat.

“You were one of the bitches, made my life hell” you have the nerve to come to my house”. Bitch I’m going to kill your ass, like I’ve killed every last one of those son of bitches, who fucked with me”. Do you know bitch you were one on my top list”?

 You’re going to bring your ass to my house”. What did you think we were cool like that”?  Huh bitch”?

 I’ve been waiting for you bitch for a long time”. You took John away from me” you and you little friends, who’s no longer alive”. John had to die, he left me for your ass, and it was all in a matter of time”. To kill off each one of you son of bitches”. You wanted to fuck with me

 “Right bitch”? Now, fuck with me” as soon as you move for me, bitch’.

” I’m taking off your fucking head” Sherri moved, Melinda sliced off Sherri head. Melinda cut, slice and dice Sherri body into tiny little pieces. Discard some of the body parts in the blender and flush the shit down the toilet.

The bones from Sherri body, Melinda gave to the neighbor’s dog. Melinda changed out her her bloody Halloween costume just in time for the party. Tony arrived home, Honey, are you ready”? Yes, just tiding up the kitchen counter, be right there”.

 Melinda cry for real justice became solved.

The End.

By: Crystal Lax









My Guilty Pleasure

Me: I guess the forbidden fruits tend to be the most enticing temptation. Robert a tall dark and handsome type of guy, is my best friend husband. I do everything in my power to avoid making complete contact with him. He has the most inviting eyes; they are light brown with simmering glossy to them. His body structure is built like an artist masterpiece. Robert was successful, bright highly intelligent and a pillar in his community. He was everything that any woman would dream for.

Catherine my best friend was a total blond she couldn’t tell the different from the setting of the sun from the going down of the sun. What in the hell Robert see’s in her? Yea, she has the perfect implant body all over. Everything from fat being injected in her oversized lips to stuffed tits and ass. A made up Barbie with no real body parts. I think Robert just use her as a trophy wife. Out in public he does all the talking and conducting of all their business affairs. Catherine just drifts in the shadow of Roberts wings.

Hum, if only I had her husband, oh well dream on girl that would never happen. Beside your man is about to arrive any second. Ding dong the door bell rings…Hi honey, Richard is so thoughtful, look he brought me roses, all how nice of him. He’s just not my type. But to keep me from being bored, I allow him to entertain me for the moment.

Richard: So honey, where would you like to go tonight”?

Me: Oh, I’m thinking Chinese

Richard: “okay, whatever my girl wants”

Sighing…Richard is so boring I need some excitement in my life, romance; shit another dull and boring night with Richard”.

At the dinner table I couldn’t help from nodding off Richard babbling on about his new business deal accounts. Who fucking cares, will you just shut the hell up” my thought screaming at Richard in my head. To preoccupied in wondering does he floss or not. I bet he never go a day without flossing, I wonder if I throw a carrot at him. Will that get him to shut his boring goofy ass up?

Richard: Honey, is everything okay

Snapping out of my bored zone.

Me: Oh yea, I’m fine but I’m getting very sleepy can we just get the check and go home”?

Dam, I’m glad I survived that date, I bet Robert would know how to fine dine a girl on a date, I thought to myself.






The next day Robert shows up at my door. Dam, that dreaming thing really works.

Robert: You think I could talk to you”?

Saying to myself”You sure can and more” as I shut the door behind him.

Me: what’s wrong”? Like I really cared

Robert: Catherine been having an affair with her personal trainer and is planning to leave me”.

Yes” thoughts in my head rejoice from the news.

Me: “that bitch”, you poor thing maybe she’ll come to her senses and realize all she’ll be throwing away”.

Robert pouring out his rainfalls of tears, while I’m selfishly thinking to myself. “Perfect opportunity to get his mind steered away from Ms. Plastic Barbie and focus toward a real woman”. Me of course.

Me: Well Robert you and Catherine definitely had your problems but you got through them all”. Maybe you’ll get through this one”. I said to him not meaning one word I said. What I’m thinking right now isn’t right; she is my so-call best friend. I’ll just back off and give them time enough to work out their marital problems. Weeks passed by, I didn’t hear from Robert or Catherine. I wonder how they are doing”. I thought to myself, I’ll just give them a call. Maybe they’ve worked through their problems and being fake and phony lovebirds, I know them to be.

Me: Hello Robert

Robert: yes”

Me: “This is Latoya, how are you doing”?

Robert: “Not well”

Latoya: Well what’s wrong”?

Robert: “you know Catherine left me right”?

Latoya: Yes, I know” so what going on”?

Robert: “I just found out she’s pregnant by her personal trainer”. She’s divorcing me to marry that jack ass”.

Latoya: What”?

Robert: Yea,

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Me: Now is my time, dam her. Her lost and my gain

Latoya: Robert I’ll be right over, we can go out grab a drink and talk”. Okay”

Robert: “Yea, alright”. ” I’ll jump in the shower to get ready”.

Me: I quickly took me a shower, went to my best sexy I’m going to get some tonight panty drawer. Pull out my red lace thong with the matching bra. Oh, yea”, Now what shall I wear”? This would be perfect, my sexy black clinging to every curve of my body. I think I’m going to wear my strappy wrap around the ankle black high heels. As soon as I was dress, I flew in my car like a bat out of hell, to get to Robert.

Robert: “wow, you got here fast”.

Me: You dam right, miss my opportunity to be with you”, you must be crazy”. Thoughts in my head speaking.

Latoya: “Well there wasn’t a lot of traffic out”. Beside I took the back roads”.

Robert: Oh okay” well are you ready to go”?

Latoya: Lead the way” (while watching Robert nice firm ass in his sexy jeans)...

Robert and Latoya really had a good time and started seeing each other on a regular basic. The next six month Robert grew very fond of Latoya, She really fell in love with him. Robert and Latoya took trips to the Bahamas, Jamica; Robert even took her to Paris.

 Robert fine, dine Latoya to the fullest, he lavished her with beautiful diamonds, mink furs, sexy elegant and sophicated clothing. Whatever Latoya wanted he bought it for her. Latoya wasn’t about to let go of Robert easily, in spite of the many gorgeous women approaching Robert on a daily basic.

 Latoya didn’t play with their asses. If they stepped out of line while she was with Robert, she would corner their ass in a seclusive area. Allowed them to see what she was packing and warned them “Bitch if you don’t want this heat in your ass” I suggest you back the hell off my man”. Don’t let me find out, you still trying to push up on him again”. I’m going to take your skinny ass out so quick; you won’t have room to blink”. Now, get your ass out of here bitch”.

Robert would ask her I everything alright”. Oh, yea Honey everything is peaches and cream”, you know how women are”. Got to have girl talk”.  We talked and everything is cool

Robert and Latoya were talking marriage, that is until one late in the afternoon Robert received a call from Catherine his wife still, no final divorce papers was signed, no final decision were made.

Latoya: “What the hell she want”? She gave up her spot when she left Robert for her man”.




To Be Continue………………………………