Crystal Lax Writings

Gift from God

When you say that you love some one


You don't mistreat a person you say you love.

You don't cheat on them.

You don't abuse, hurt nor harm them.

You protect them, watch over out for them.

Like two peas in a pot, you have that person back.

You don't run from your obligation.

Leaving them to carry the load alone.

No other, beside God come before them.

You don't forsake the person, you say you love.

Love is real and true.

If you can't handle true love.

Then don't ask for it.

Love require commitment and work.



Living an empty worthless vain life
a wandering desire of a man soul
chasing after the wind that can not
be capture

A hollow energy with no force behind it
foolishly indulging in self-glorification
fruitlessly drifting here on this earth
like an man walking in space

They only appears to be genuine but inside
are a dying breed, boastfully praising one
self and possession

Puffed up with self-knowledge yet, lack
the understanding of life, vainly floating
through time and space

The vain generation continue to pass by on
this planet like a ghost in the night air
preparing the path for the next
generation of vain seeker's

Whisper Songs

A song that can not be heard with the carnal ears.

Singing melodies from heaven that the natural hearing can't hear.

Songs of Angels dancing around the golden floor of heaven.

Only the true in Christ can hear wonderful music that flows from

heaven to soothe the spirit-soul of a man.

The melody whispers in the ears of God's love one.

Song's to assure us that everything is going to be just fine.

Whispering instruments of heaven, drums beating with the rhythm of

God's warm Grace.

His Mercy waving over mankind another day to live.

Quite! Can you hear the whispering songs?



Two hearts beating as one,

what God has join together

let no man put us under.

two hands caring for one another.

two feet walking side by side with each other.

The candle of love never can go out

if you keep it lit.

The fire of love will burn for eternity.

Love from God is unconditional

With god you don't have to pay for love.

Love is freely given, freely received.

Love is unity in the mist of a storm.

Love never fail, if you are determine to win.

Two people growing old together

holding each other hand to the final end.

Love is a butterfly, conceal in a cocoon.