Crystal Lax Writings

Gift from God

When A Man Truly Love You


A man were formed from the dust of the earth. God seen that the man was alone

made him a mate from the rib of a man. A woman, to be a helpmate for the man.

God did not form a woman to be abused, used by a man.


A woman is a tender flower that needs to be water with a man words of wisdom and love.

The water that flows from a man mouth can help grow, or cause her to wither up and die.

God intended for a man to love his woman and take care of her, as he cares for his own flesh.

If a man care for his own flesh, he'll care for a woman likewise.

Can a flower grow without the sunlight and water? No, well a woman also need the praise, compliments and pleasant words of a man to grow.

When a man truly love a woman, he cares for her like a flower. A tender rose bush with

beautiful array's.


Glorifying her existence for being here on this earth for him.

When a man loves a woman, he provides and protect his precious jewel. When I look around

this earth observing how the role of a man have changed. I view men allowing women to take

care of them. I've seen men abuse women, being unfaithful to the same woman he claim to

love. If your man not treating you as Christ would treat a woman, may be its time to rethink

you relationship.


Would Jesus have his woman walking around with a black eye, walking to come see him?

What kind of man do you think Jesus would be to his wife. Would he lift his manly hand to

strike his wife? Would Jesus be unfaithful to his wife? Would see his wife need's and over look

it? Christ was a man of compassion, faith to his call, being about his father business, helping

others. If a man only focus is himself, how can he focus to care about you?


Think about it!

When A Woman Love A Man


A woman is form from the rib of a man, to be a helpmate for him. A woman can be seen as the smaller or weaker vessel, yet possess a powerful venom. A good woman build up her man, a foolish woman will tear him down. A woman can be the key of glory to a man a life, or she can become the gateway to hell.

A real woman is confident in her relationship with her man, she have no need to feel threaten, by any other woman taking her man away. Another woman can not take what is not her, though she may plot and plan to take way your man. Whom God have ordain for you, no other woman can keep him for too long. When a woman love a man, her feet is at home providing for her husband and children. It is not traveling the street, seeking Tom, Dick and Harry. She is faithful to her man.

When a woman love a man, she will do all that she can to please him. A unfaithful woman will turn a man life upside down. To the point, he wont know if he's coming or going. He will alway wonder, where is she? Have you seen my wife? Can a woman lie down with the Devil, not become soiled and tainted? Can a man heap hot coal upon his chest, and not get burned? So is it, when the marriage bed become defiled, it will burn and destroy the marriage.

A faithful woman is the tree of life to a man , an unfaithful wife is a rotten core to his soul. A unfaithful wife will decay a man soul. A faithful woman bring forth spring flowers to his soul and mind. Can you eat a rooten fruit and not become sick from it? so is it, with a man eating the fruit of a adultress woman. She will sicken the soul and guide you to the gateway to hell. Leaving your soul as a dried up well.

Be very careful who you choose to be your wife. A manipulating woman is hell for a man soul, through her manipulating schemes, she'll have you always wrapped up in drama and turmoil. The beauty on the outside of a woman, does not guarantee, that's what you are getting, when you take her home and become your wife.

A woman can be, yes! soft and tender. Nice and warm. Yet, this same woman can turn on you like a serpent and insert her poison venom in your vein.The bible say: when a man find a wife, he finds a good thing. A man must be very careful about what type of wife he's seeking. He may, just be marrying the daughter of Satan.

Hell awaits his poor soul!

God's Gift Of A Woman To A Man


A woman is a gift from heaven.

God seen a man loneliness and prepared a woman for man.

A man form the ability  to take care of his precious gift, God gave

to him or to destroyer it. A woman is like a flower.

A man can help her to blossom or wither in the field among thorns.

I don't think when god formed Eve for Adam, God intended for the

man to cause any harm to a woman.

A man is suppose to love, embrace and nourish a woman soul as his

own. Any man that mental, emotional, verbally and physical abuse a woman

isn't worthy to be in the presence of a woman.

A woman is more precious and valuable than that!

A woman labor pain bought forth a man in this world.

Division Among Our Own Nation


Separation of the nation, babies are being raised to hate.

The hypocrisy of our nation.

We cry out, to other nations not to kill their own people.

Yet, we have white killing blacks, blacks killing their own race of people,

 Hispanic killing blacks and their own.

 How can we begin to teach other country, not to do wrong by their people.

When in fact we're doing wrong against each other.

We as a people need one another.


A nation divided among themselves; will not stand.

No nation will ever be a strong tower.

If they don't learn how to tolerate completely, each other difference.

No two race of people are not alike, but they can learn from each other.


A nation divide over meaningless things.

Are we still in elementary school?

When will society, stop Worrying about a person body weight?

And focused on our country, real life issues?

Who care if a person isn't a size 0.

Our country is now in war, does it really matter about someone skin color.

 A nation of people under God's eyes, dividing themselves.

We live as if, we are little children.

It time to grow up now.

Children can't fight for our country, grown adults can.

How can grown adults defend our country?

If they're too busy worrying about,the color of someone skin.

Isn't life more than just this ignorant way of thinking?

We rush to the aid, of feeding other country.

That's good! Yet, our own people are barely making enough to feed their children.

No one in this country of prosperity, should ever be without.

Greed rules though. Division among the have and have not.

 Lack of compassion towards one another , will ruin our country.

Staying focus on issue that's not important, will destroy a family of people.

We are a family, a family divided among themselves.

Are leaving the door open, for any one to come into and destroy.

Think about it


The Guilt Trip Strategy on Mom


I have a twenty-two year old daughter; I’d raised as a single mother. I attempt to do my best at raising my four children right, correcting, guiding and protecting them. As a young mother I strolled through life without the pure proper guidance of my own mother, I made a sound commitment in my heart; I would be there for my children.

Well one thing I’ve noticed about my twenty-two year old. The more I became easily available for her, the more I was being used, taking advantage of and for granted.  “Hum”, something is wrong with this picture”. My motivation, intention wasn’t to cripple or enable her to solely depend on me. My true intention was to help her with the help I’ve never gotten.

For instance: After my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild. I made an agreement with her “If you’ll go back to school, get your GED at least and get into a career in order for you to support yourself and the baby without the need of being dependent on a man or even me”.  I’ll watch the baby for you, therefore, my grandbaby won’t be in the arms of strangers and you won’t have the worry on your shoulders of paying expensive childcare fees”.  “But you must be working and trying to go back to school”. Okay mom” I agree”.

Within the next six years of my grandbaby life, I kept her while my daughter worked. “Okay, that’s good”. I’m saying to myself, “she’s on the right track”. Wham in my life face my daughter became easily distracted by the Romeo and Juliet syndrome. Men with no intention to improve my daughter life started popping up in her life like rabbits hopping in a field of lilies. “What the hell is going on here”? I’m staying at home not dating or hell going anywhere, watching your child and you’re out having a happy good ole time’.  “Hum, something wrong with this picture big time”.

For six years I went through a rollercoaster ride of my daughter love journey with men, possessing no intention for good. For six dam years I gave up once again, my life in order to help my daughter.  I never went out on dates, I stop buying things for myself in order to help her. My life basically was on the backburner, while she enjoyed her life and forgot all about our agreement. One guy had the nerve to say to my daughter when I’d refused to watch the baby in order for her to go out partying with him. “Oh your mom must be jealous of you, the reason why she won’t watch the baby for you”.

What the flute is that”? I don’t have to watch anyone one child not even my daughters, if I don’t want too”. I notice some men did their best to create a strong wedge between my daughter and I by whispering those types of words in her ears. My daughter and I went through days of arguing about this matter of her not focusing on herself and daughter instead allowing these knuckle no good intention men to distract her.

For six years the game was played either I’d to be the most dumbest mom on earth to kept putting up with her crap or the most tender-hearted mom who just wanted to see her daughter do good for herself. We struggle so hard as a family with no help of stable child support. I never wanted to see her go through, the struggles what I went through. Well I notice how self-center and All-about-me she was became; I refused to keep the baby.

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Now come the manipulation and pleasure to force mom to feel guilty. “Well I guess your grand mom don’t love you anymore” “what I’m I going to do now mom”? That’s not my problem”! “I’d gave to you plenty of time to get your crap together, instead you want to kick with your friends, hang-out and leave me at home like your live-in nanny to watch your child, that you’re responsible  "legally”. “I’m tired of going through your crisis drama after drama with you and your men problems. When you’re doing well you act like you don’t need your mom, but when you’re having problem you’re so-call grown tail come to me and bring your stress, worry on me as if I don’t have any problems of my own”.


It’s amazing how twenty something can always cough up in your face, how grown they are. What they do is their business. True, but if their tail is so grown, don’t bring your problems burdens to your parent’s house. That’s how I feel about their grown tails. I gave my daughter six years of my own time, Space, effort, energy until I had nothing to give unto myself and trust me it shows. My grandbaby is in the first grade now. No worry for daycare expense on my daughter, she'd never suffered the financial pain of paying for daycare like myself and so many other mothers had.

Yet, still ungrateful! Still at square box number one, never got the GED or career yet. Another man took the place for her, to work on herself. Wow, dam this” “I’m not going through another year; in the picture movie my daughter keeps creating for herself”. Everything that’s happening in her life now, is the vision and movie she’s directing”. I’m not the blame if she doesn’t have her life together” Six years was a very fair enough time for someone to get it together, I  feel”.

Now that her little manipulating and guilty game with the grandbaby are no longer affecting me.  Now. I'm "The bad mean old mom, grandma" by her and little" hate your mom crew". “Well frankly, my dear I don’t give a dam”. Hell, I promote myself up to the label of being the evil mean mom. Oh, well that’s life”. You can only use and take advantage of your mom for so long before she gets tired of your crap. If that mean for me to put you out and allow you to lie in the hardheaded ass bed you made, then so be it!

When you hit eighteen you make your own dam choices and decisions not your parents.  Eventually, you’re going to get sick and tired of not taking your life serious enough. You’ll get tired of bruising your own head up against the brick wall. I’m tired of feeling I got to always have shouting matches regarding your responsibility. Keep my eyes on her, she may just sneak off and leave her baby off on me for two or three days.

I love my children much; they’ve gotten away with things other people can’t get away with. I wish my daughter the best, if she need me I’m still here however, she must approach me with a different frame of mind or I prefer for her to stay the hell out of my life. If my child can’t respect me as a mom, she can stay away from me. Allow her little" I hate your mom crew" to help her.

The end

Ms. Lax



praises to father's


More and more you’re hearing father’s petition mothers to court for child support. Father are taking charge to care for their own children. It’s such a beautiful sight, to see fathers pushing strollers, getting their children off the school, attending PTA meetings, doing the flip side of the traditional moms caring for the children. Rather he’s a single father or a father with a wife. Men are standing up being counted and respected for being men of responsibilities.

 I was looking around for fathers that would support my increasing belief, that fathers needs to be engaged in children lives. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than to see a father, not caring about the future welfare of their blood-line children.

Their future doctor’s, lawyer’s etc…, what can I say about father who cares. My hat is off to father who does not run from the obligation to a young soul. But stay in their children lives, fight for their children. I think of the many tmes, I would have had to cast away the thoughts of good dads being out here in this world, where missing in action fathers are a norm.

I must say; it’s very pleasant to hear, see a man with parenting skills, some mom don’t possess. To hear a father interact with his sons and daughter on a firm yet loving tender form is lovely. Some of us mother’s spend countless time yelling at the challenging child, which is determine to test the boundary line with mom. However, with some fathers children knows dad isn’t going to be easy to test.

A father can get overlooked, sure mom is always honored and they should be. Father’s who stay with their children are commended as well in my book. There are single father’s raising their children alone, feeling the same emotional, mental, at time overwhelming pressure that a single mother would feel.

Some father’s are seeking work from home, to be near their children. Some single dads work outside of the home, still feeling the intense pressure of single moms. Getting up early, dressing the children and themselves, preparing breakfast, getting in the car to carpool their children and other people children, dropping the children off at school or daycare before heading off to the 9-5 job, preparing dinner, conducting household chores, getting children ready for bed, preparing or the next day, rising up the next day to do it all over again.

Being a single parent isn’t easy; don’t allow anyone to fool you. It’s very challenging not matter if you’re a single mom or dad, you’ll the sole decision maker, there are time when you error in your choices. There’s time where you nail it. Whatever the case, I’m proud of fathers who cares for their own children, being there for a young soul that need them desperately.

My award to you the father of child life award given to you.


marriage vows


It’s wonderful to see people in love. True loving couples in love, endure the many storms which rage in a marriage and endure the storms until the passing. A journey of two people took a committed vow to allow nothing to put us under. It’s very discouraging to see the increase rate of divorce continue to surge, merging into broken heart and expensive legal fee.

There’s an old fashion saying it’s cheaper to keep a woman than to get rid of her” In other words remain in your marriage or pay a very high price to get out of it. Some people divorce one another over little foolish things, such as “he never picks up after himself”. She never places the toothpaste top back on the toothpaste”.

Some women complain about their husband never spending enough time with them. He’s always working” If he's the sole breadwinner of the family ,what do you expect him to do? Why, can’t the you as the wife come up with some type of creative ideal, so you can spend time out with your husband. Without him losing his job being up under you 24/7. Men complain ”my wife have put on too much weight, she doesn’t look like I met her five seven or ten years ago”. Well sir, you probably don’t look the same, she met years ago.

 Have you praise your wife, hell even worked out with her at the gym? Maybe she needs a little motivation to get her started. Have you bought her any roses, just to let her know? You’re concern about her weight problem be you still love her; she’s still the woman of your heart.

 A woman is beautiful, praise and loves her; you’ll get your heart desire. Complain bitch and grunt, she’ll buck up against you,she makes your home a living hell. Your place of residence will be on the roof top of your home, hells fire is burning inside of your home.

Back in the days, couples believed strongly in keeping the family together,endure the winds that blow up against their marriage doors. Now, people are seeking any excuse to vamp and run from their marriage. A weak marriage product a weak family, good communication and understanding I feel is very important. No matter how bad a person may think something is.

 I feel they should still share it with their partner, maybe the two of them can come up with a sound solution. Today, too many people desire to chat on line, text by phone as their form of proper communication. I personally like the face to face, one-on-one style of communication. I want to look into a person eyes and observe their body language. Anyone can say I love you by text, but do they really and truly mean it?

Ig you can work out your human difference work it out before you make a decision to throw in the towel and just give up. You took a vow until death do you apart, not a cap off a toothpaste tube so be able to tear you apart.