Crystal Lax Writings

Gift from God

God Saved My daughter

What God have done in my life. How can I not talk about it? I was on a web site call I selected in the religious category to share what God have done for me. Others mom on this site kept coming by my page, being sarcastic and complain about me writing too much about God. Every time I would put up something about God.

My writing was deleted, This motivated me to start my own web site, and write what I desire. Who will stop the words of God from going forward. Some people want to hear about how bad your life is going, how your husband or wife have walked out on you. They don't want you to talk about how good God have been to you.

Well I'm going to share what my God has done for me yesterday and today. Who can a man or woman formed from the dust of the earth, stop or hinder the word of God? How can devils stop the word from going forward. When the word of God in down inside of you, eventually the word will turn up from inside of you and will overflow.

Here some of the testimonies I shared on this web site. They had a problem

God Saved My daughter


One day my finance were taken me to work, we had my youngest daughter in the truck with us. At the time she was about 18 months. I got drop off at work and click the lock down on the truck door to make sure it was locked.

Apparently, the baby was playing with the latch, the door of the truck open. My fiance Johnny at the time, told me. While he was driving, he seen the baby just fell out the truck. Johnny attempt to grab her in order to keep her from falling, but he could reach her in time. My baby fell out of a moving truck on a very busy street in GA. Cars drove over my baby, but didn't hurt her.

My youngest daughter Dominique till this day, Told me “I a white woman smiling down on me” she looked like a angel, dress in white“. She protected  me from the cars.  The hospital call me on my job, informed me about the accident, I quickly ran from my job to the hospital.

The doctor prepared me for how her face looked. When I saw my baby I did panic a little when I seen  blood on her face. Her lips was swollen, she had a bad scrap above her upper lips. Once the doctors wiped away the blood, her scares wasn't all that bad. The good part is that not one of those cars on that busy street hit my daughter and killed her. I put cocoa butter on her scares and they've vanished. There's a slight mark that you can barely see, above her  upper lip.

God is Good!

The Furnace


I was lying down on my bed reading the bible, I kept hearing loud noises coming from the furnace in the basement. We had just moved into this place. At first i didn't pay any attention to it. As a lay, something inside of me told me to get up and call the gas company. On the news there was a lot of report regarding house fires. I were concern about that. I did as I was told.

I called the gas company and told them how my gas furnace was making loud noise. The gas company said they will send someone out to look at it. I thought it was going to be a long wait before anyone arrived.

By my surprise the gas man came sooner than I expected in the middle of winter. He took a look at the furnace came upstairs to tell me“ Someone had ridged the wiring on the furnace,” if I would have waited another 20 minutes you and your children would have been blown up.

It's good to listen to your first mind.  God does speak to us.

Checks In The Mail


When I were homeless, living in a shelter. One day I was talking with one of the shelter staff. She came across very stuffy, arrogant. As if every else was below her, displaying that high-minded religious presence. I went into her office to pick up my mail, we got into a conversation about God. I remember telling this woman. “If God wanted to, he can change my whole situation over night“. The woman looked at me like I was crazy. I got that stare a lot, when I talk about God.

Anyway, about a few days later, I went to pick up my mail and seen I had not one check. A couple of checks in the thousands. I looked over at the lady, smiled and walked out of her office. Not letting on about the surprise I receive in the mail. I left the shelter, went to a near by car dealership and purchase a Ford Explorer paid for in full. My next step was to find housing, I found a nice three bedroom house, filled my house up with nice furniture. I went back to pick up my mail for the last time, her and I converse briefly. I said before leaving her office “see I told you , if God wanted too”. He could change my situation over night“. I gave her a little smile and walked out the door.

God is able to do miracles!!                    

Through The Valley


I've been through a lot of valley's in my life. Some path I've traveled down I should have been dead. God had other plans for me. I struggle in my life with asking God the Why's. Why, didn't any want me? Why, did I have to be abused. Why, does it seem like I have to do everything alone? I went though the valley's of homeless, saw things I've never seen before. The struggling of being a single mom for 24 years, thinking that I couldn't get through it.

God held my hand and helped me. I suffer through the valley's of isolation, a valley where it seem. No one like you at all, every one leave your side. No one want to help you. No one care about you. The valley's that causes you to search within the walls of your soul and help you to find who you truly are. When I look back if I had others around me constantly, how could I hear God?

If people came to my rescue every time I needed help, how could I know the faithfulness of God? If people liked me all the time, how could I know the feeling of Christ? When others rejected him with out cause.

They despise him, for speaking the truth. they hated Jesus he wasn't afraid to preach about the kingdom of God, sharing the good news! Although, these valley's was lonely, rough and hard. I've learned many of things from the experience.

I learn to believe in myself and God when no one else may believe in me. I learn to listen to God, without being overly consume with the voices of imperfect human being. I learn no to please people, only God. I learn who I AM, what I like and dislike. I learn to have strength, courage and faith.

Without these valley's I would still rely on others for answers. I would look to others instead of God. God taught me through these valley's to trust in no one but him. Mankind will fail you, they will disappoint you, let you down, leave you standing alone.

God will always be there for you, he will never leave you nor forsake you. God is a man that cant lie, he'll always be truthful with you. Man may lie to you, God will be real and true with you. I learn to be okay, if I don't have a click crowd of people being by myself. I'm strong enough to know I can get through anything with God's help.

As long as you have God on your side you can't go wrong. I learn to take rejection from others like a gain of salt. Like water running of my shoulders, it doesn't matter. If God be for Crystal who or what can stand against me. When they fight against me, they're fighting against the God I love in my heart.

God have been a father to the fatherless child. God have been my protector, my guide, a friend to me. When all others forsake me. God held me by the hand and stood by my side. A once overlooked and unwanted child and woman. God received me as his own. What greater love is it, then to have the love of God by your side.

People can fake and pretend to love you. God is real 24 hours/7 days a week, all the time.