Crystal Lax Writings

Gift from God

My Bio

Crystal Lax born September, 1967 is a mother of four children, three grandchildren and one on the way. Born to Beulah Davis and Leon Williams in Ohio. Her mother Beulah was a young single mother, with dream of being a mo-town singer. Due to a terrible event, Crystal mother could no longer care for her and five other siblings. Crystal experienced a life of abuse, hardship, being toss in and out of the foster care system. As well as being raped at the age of twelve. 

Crystal father Leon Williams was beaten unconscious by racist cops, placed in the intensive care unit. Crystal witness her father Leon William dying of a heart attack, while white paramedics, officers laughed and continue to converse with one another. As her father grasp for air. She lied over her father, crying for someone to help him. No one hears the little girl cry for help.

After the death of her father, the state moved her to Indiana, to live with her father sister and husband. She became pregnant at the age of twelve, it was cover up with a secret abortion, in the six month of the  pregnancy. At the age of 13, Crystal became pregnant by the same household member,  the unborn baby died during her third month of pregnancy.

Crystal revealed the heavy secret of her raped, empowering her to speak up and out about abuse more and more. She moved out own her own at the age of seventeen, into the YWCA. By the age of eighteen, she bought herself a home paid for in full in hope to one day own lots of real estate. She purchased the home with her trust fund money, she received from her father lawsuit, regarding the brutality Leon received from the officers involved.

Graduated from High School in 1986, She became a Certified Nurse Assistant for 15 years of her life. Experience a unsuccessful marriage at a young age, was forced to raise her four children alone as a single mother. Supporting them any way she could, working as a nursing assistant, accepting various temp job assignments.

She strongly believe in striving for higher and better ways to improve herself. Label in school as being a severely mental retard child, incapable of learning. Crystal made it her pursuit to make those who labeled her liars, she enrolled herself in a challenging psychology class at American River College and received a 4.0 G.P.A.

Pursuing for a higher challenge. While homeless in downtown LA on skid row shelter. Crystal enrolled in a Paralegal program at International Career Development College of Los Angeles, CA  graduated as a Certified Paralegal.

Today, she desire to share her story with others. In hope to inspire, empower and encourage others, whom been through what she has or is going through. Crystal long strong desire have been to help others. She believe the trial she went through was to strengthen her with wisdom, bravery and courage, that only God could give unto her.

Happy Parts Of My Life

I had to sit down and force myself to write about the happy part of my life. I would be lying, if I say “oh, everything is great now”. At this point in  my life“. I living the oh happily ever after fairy tale storybook life“. Wrong, so far from the truth. I'm still going through struggles with my finance, my adult children, and my own personal inner issues.

I have to remind myself of the happy times in my life or I'll always be sad about my life. Some times I feel the weight struggles and weeping over my life. Like the prophet Jeremiah in the bible (The weeping prophet).

I have to remember times, when I were happy in my childhood and adult life. such as the time I use to play flag football with the boys, got in trouble for sneaking back out to play more football. The block parties, holiday fun family gathering, cook-outs.

The birth of my four children, My high graduation, finishing my Paralegal Program.The many certification, award and recognition I've received. Receiving a letter back from Oprah and Bill Clinton after I wrote them. Being at the birth of my first grand baby. Purchase my first home paid for in full at the age of eighteen.

Traveling meeting different people. Every Saturday was my quality-time for me and the kids. Of course after Saturday washing the clothes. Packing up the kids in the car to take a long car trip ride, go to the movies, to the beach, or the the park and cook-out.

We also had junk-food night, where I would go buy a lot of junk-food that they couldn't otherwise eat. Allow them and myself to just pig out, of course regret it the next morning. Movie nights and popcorn. I loved my children, I had to work a lot,  and didn't have much money at times. I spend a lot of quality-time with them.   

We love to clown around in the house, crack jokes until someone couldn't take it. Then it was time to end the joking. My brother Robert and I use to sneak into the neighbor house to steal food, when we was hunger and almost got caught.

Or the time my aunt Rosie sent me to the store, gave me money to buy myself something. I went with my friends,they dared me to take a pack of gum, I did and got caught. When I got back home, my mom whip my butt, my aunt whip my butt and my dad got me.

Dam, that taught me to never steal again. If i can't afford it I don't buy It's funny now, but not then ouch!

When I drop down to a 120 lbs, was able to fit into my beautiful white, well off white wedding gown. Oh, yea the man beside me wasn't looking to shabby

When my two best friend in the world Cindy and Steve threw me a baby shower with her friends. I was so happy, it was fun.

When my best friend from high school Kent, would crack jokes, do his funny faces, along with my friend Theresa. The three of us was trouble together at time. My friend Mae use to stand up for me, when other us to pick with me. Being around my crazy cousins, made me happy and laugh.

When my sister San and I would sing along with our brother Mack. My dream was to become a singer..yea, thanks kids!!! just joking.

My ex Johnathan would spoil me rotten.

Just as I'm writing this, I have a smile on my face. I've met some beautiful wonderful people in my life. that wasn't against me, but like me for who I was. Thanks Pastor Bob, Steve, Dawn and the whole church. The kids in the neighborhood who love my sweet potatoes pies, and garlic fries.

Some time I've felt so alone, when I look back. I see the many beautiful people, God have sent in my life. Even if it was for a brief second. They brought joy to Crystal heart, like some of my friend on face book, from L. A. and other places I've been.

I thank God and so grateful for his grace and mercy. There are so many beautiful-hearted people God introduce me to. Wow, the many angels that came across my path. When I felt all alone,with no one to love and care about me.

Oh yea, the many hair-brain invention "that's going to make me rich one day". That NEVER WORKED! Those are funny moment to me, or my many business adventure. My poor There goes mom again!

Or the time I was trying to redecorate my kitchen by myself, even though my husband knew how to place bricks on the wall. Well let's just say I messed up big time. I didn't want to lead on that he was right. So I pretend that I was happy with my results do-it-yourself-crystal-way.

Like I love Lucy moment.

I can admit it now, he was right! Don't tell him! 

The time my daughter Natisha kept licked the ice from the bottom of the freezer, got her  tongue stuck to the freezer. I had to pour hot water over it, to get it un-frozen. What possess kids to do what they do?

Our dog lady wouldn't come outside unless we gave it with hot dogs. One dog we had, went through the trash. Start licking the empty plastic peanut butter jar and got his little head stuck inside. I had to cut open the jar with a pair of scissors at the bottom to free him.

 The time a leader of the kkk in Michigan put his pit-dog on my son Antoine, when he was young. I pepper sprayed him and the dog.