Crystal Lax Writings

Gift from God

The solitude of my soul


My soul aches within like a wonder wander in the desert alone.
Trying to find its way home, confuse, lost at time.
The solitude soul drifts.
The deep felt isolation of a man soul.
With many around him at time, his soul is yet alone.
A destitute woman, devoid of her needs.
The soul longs for a home beyond this earth.
Stricken by the impoverished thoughts of this world.
The soul linger in a realm, of uncertainty.
Sometime the solitude of one's soul become refresh.
In its deepest time in space of loneliness.
A purging of the soul, to heal mend, become humble in thoughts.
Can you feel the waves of a refresh man soul?
Just when you believe you were all alone.
The spirit of God was preparing your soul.
For the next level, dimension of your journey.

Lord my soul just want to be happy


The tears that flow down from my eyes, like a stream river.
When no one else is around, washes my soul from all impurity.
A releasing of pain, hurt, bitterness and anger.
Tears that cry out for a young girl innocent taken.
Tears that flows for a child, no one wanted to hear her.
Tears the yearns for a child within, that was never allowed to be happy.
She cries from within, leave me alone.
All I want to be is happy.
Others laugh at her yearning for happiness, and dismiss her as a nobody.
She cry out with a loud voice, Loud have I not suffer enough?
When lord will my turn finally come?
Lord can you feel my pain and see my heart ache in pain?
I don't understand the why's lord. However, I do understand the hope
for new beginnings in life. I do understand the hope of the latter rain.
I do understand double for a person suffering. I do understand happiness
is a state of one's mind. Allow the state of my mind to be happy
in Jesus Name and by the blood of Jesus I pray.

Words from my heart


God children hear and know his voice, a strange document of words. They do not follower nor heed. A spiritual minded family, keep their eyes and ears open to predict the changing of God's season.

Adjusting too much to the wisdom of this world. Lead you too far away from the WISDOM of God. Something are good and true, Yet, something is spoken with evil intent of a person soul. Don't trust, believe everyone words you hear.

 Like a tornado in God's hand, he'll take the lying, evil words. Others are speaking against you , allow it to be in the twister of his own Good. God will change it for the Good.

Everyone that speak against you; shall be made a shame.

Don't ask God to remove them whose speaking against you, ask God to use them for his own plan for your life. Don't ask God to stop them from speaking evil words against, pray that God will use their words for evil against you, for Good.

May you become a living testimony for the kingdom of God. May you become the person they look down upon, God rise up high above them.


The Deceiving Woman

Like a man being led to the house of slaughter soul. He follower her like a donkey ass. A wise man think with the thoughts of God. A foolish man is lead by his fleshly thoughts. A wise man speak words from heaven from his lips. Yet, a foolish man is unskilled in the craft of knowledge and understanding.

The cascade of her outer beauty, capture the eyes of many men. like satan appointed demon used to lead good men astray from their calling. She snatch the souls of many, that follow after her in lust. Come with me" leave your faith, your wife and children" Come be with me". The foolish man follow.

How many men souls have gotten capture by the web of her false flattering words. lay capture in her bed, while his souls awaits the gate point of hell. She have allured many of strong men to her bed,"lay with me for tonight, "tomorrow we shall burn in hell, together".     


Like the spirit of Jezebel, she operate in life with words,action of manipulation and deceitfulness. To control everyone around her with her own sense of false power. She waits for her end, to suffer a dreadful death . Her soul wails in the flame of hell.                                                                                                                                                                    






 No matter how bad your children don't want to hear the truth. Tell your children the right thing NOW! They will love you later. No matter how they protest against your wisdom,speak the truth and save their soul. Wisdom of God is sharper than a two-double edge sword.

It pierce the depth of our soul. Very bitter when going down, yet, sugary sweet for our soul for refinement. Correction is a precious jewel to a wise soul, he that listen to correction and truth. Save his own soul from many unnecessary suffering.

When the mother and father lack wisdom, the children drift and wander in a spirit of confusion. Seeking people of this world, to take the place of mom & dad, being led astray by everything that sounds good to the ears.Wondering souls doom to perish for the lack thereof.

A mother harsh words can tear open the soul of her children. Words spoken in love, but correction can keep her children soul from going to far in the world. A mother, a father is the guide for their children soul. Why, desire to see your own children perish.

The words of a father can mend many wounds, if spoken in the love of God. A wise father wine is spoken words of God. It glue, bond and mend his family back together again. With a real sincere heart, old wounds a heal. Restoration of the soul is firm.

Drink, party, be lured by the capture hands of hell. While overlooking his duty as a man. Leave your wife and children open for the wall of the enemies to steal, kill and destroyer. His children soul are a wasteland,untaught by the words of a strong father. His presence wasn't there to secure a healthy growth. Can you feel the pain of his children?

For a woman to submit herself unto her own husband. She willfully humble herself, not due to force by a man. She volunteer yields up her rights, to heed to his headship. She choose to do this, as a man choose to submit to his wife.God is the center of them both. What God has join together, let no man put them under.

How can a MAN, lead a nation or his family. if he is foolish? A foolish man will lead his nation of people and family, into the enemies fire squad. A man cant lead until he check himself with JESUS. The greatest leader of them all. Who want

lamentation of my soul


A warrior that others desire to view as a slave-maid. Yet, lord you see me as your strong Queen.With the sword in my hand (the word) I shall always STAND!! Until my death. A solider never give up the fight. Fight until the battle have been won. With you lord all things are possible.

Lord Ive suffered the public humiliation,malice intention to publicly embarrass me. Yet, lord I'm still standing strong and tall. I walk with my head up I have no need to feel a shame of my daily walk. I stand like a warrior, A strong woman that the devil hate deeply.

Let the playful laughter of my offenders no longer be validated. Heal the soul of your destitute woman. Take my hand completely oh lord and lead me to your will for my life. As they laugh, may you raise my heart, soul, spirit and life higher and higher. Like a giant over an ant. I may crush the head of my enemies.Only God can lift us up when we have tasted the dust from the desert ground

Thank you heavenly father I know it is granted,thank you for keeping me strong all these years in spite of what Ive endured. Thank you heavenly father, I could have never made it through without you. Thank you heavenly father in Jesus name and by the blood of Jesus. ..AMEN! God hears our prayers..He is faithful and true

Lord can you see my heart? Can you feel the beat of my heart. I came as a child in this world to love. Yet, I only receive the opposite. God you are my father in heaven, everything done to me under the sun you see. How long lord? You plead my cause and revenge my case oh lord Jesus. The evil words that went up regarding me, in heaven and earth. Lord, you stand and protect this woman mind and soul.God is our attorney and Judge. He have the final say.

Seek out my offenders, that wounded my soul from childhood to adulthood. Casting crumbs among my path. Heavenly father,those who hurt and harmed me as a child, repay oh,lord with a double-fold. May they truly feel the deep scares of my pain, Ive suffer for years, from their touch.

Validate the suffering Ive endure since a child, by those who walked away from their offense against me. Validate my heart soul-spirit, oh lord before I died. That my soul will truly be at rest. Validate me oh lord, in the mist of them I offer kindness too. They desire evil intentions for my life.

Dear heavenly Father do you see my heart? Can you see what my heart feels? I offer love only to receive vinger on a stick. God did you truly see my every intention of my heart, soul-spirit? Validate this woman soul-spirit in the mist of them, that have mistreated me.

My heart is weary about the things Ive seen and see in my life. Real life cant be pretend, when its in your face.We can be in a desert with no water, and pretend that we have water. Yet, still die of thirst.

Spiritual woman


 A wise woman fear the lord, for she knows its the beginning of wisdom. A foolish woman glory in her own beauty.



Spiritual man


 The step of a good man are order by the lord!! Well, then who order the steps of the foolish man? How can a woman submit herself to a husband that's a fool? Why, would she want to humble her heart under a man, that's unwise in the things of God?