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Gift from God

Crystal Lax Writings

Hello and welcome to my page.

I hope that you enjoy the writings I've decided to share with others. I pray that my writings may enrich your hopes, dream and visions in your life. Everyone on this earth I feel, is a very valuable and beautiful being. Sometime, we just need to be uplifted and encourage. In order for us to journey to the next level of our life phrase. May God bless you, help you in all your ways. I believe in the bible scripture Proverbs 3:10 - Trust in the lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding but in all of your ways acknowledge, him (God) and he shall direct your path.

Trust mean mean to depend, rely on something or someone, beyond ourselves. To trust in God, is to depend and rely on him. The higher power, supreme being beyond our human existence. We need to give God our whole heart, soul and mind, while trusting in him.

To lean not ( in other words, do not rely own our own human carnal ways of understanding things). When we allow ourselves to acknowledge God in everything we do, here on this earth.

The bible tells us that he SHALL direct our path. Not maybe direct but SHALL! The path of God leads to prosperity and long life, if we grab hold to his instruction and wisdom. I pray you will enjoy the site and thank you for visiting.

God Bless!          

 Crystal Lax        


I'm Not Called For Everyone

 I Crystal Lax believe I've been assigned here on this earth by God for only certain people. I know now why, everyone doesn't receive me. Because I were never divinely assigned to them, whatever type of messages God want me to get across to particular people are never met for everyone.

I see now how the Devil never wanted me to be born, liked or cared for. A uncared for person grows up to be a very bitter and hateful person. If they don't work on themselves. I've always been a person to strive higher for self improvement, no matter what. In spite of popular demand to discourage and lower my self esteem.

God placed Ms. Crystal Lax on this earth for a certain amount of time and season for me to contribute to this world, what he gave unto me. The truth, realness of being truly who you are in life. I may not be a professional writer, I feel I've been called to share with others in my own way and style. Ms Lax (me)that is, will only exist here on this earth for a short time. I have a mission, so to the people who hate and despise me for the color of my skin and the size of my body.

I say this message to you, what a terrible waste of your life precious time, energy here on this earth. God gave you the gift of life and you show him your ungratefulness by hating others for something they can never change. Shame on you!

Embrace The Gift Of Thanksgving

Be thankful for the life God gave unto you, stop taking you life for granted, life is too short for childish bull crap. Grow the hell up before your soul in up in hells fire trapped forever! I've learned some souls, God has appointed for me and me for them. They're the only people that can and will receive me.Life is too short to always point the finger at others. A person soul spirit is more of what you should be concern about, not about the shape of their body, the statue of their wealth, but thanking God for the privillage to have had a long or very brief encounter with that person. To learn from one another and forgive.

How many of you can truly cast a stone at some one else without them casting stones back at you? Too many people worry about black and white, who truly give a dam?

In the kingdom of God, there are no color. For the word of God states he is a spirit. How many people God have given them the opportunity to change from their shallow ways or evil hateful heart and they just shove it off, like water?

Merciful God

God is very Merciful and he's giving each and one of us, a beautiful chance in life to make your mistakes and error right. Prejudice and hatred are warning sign, something isn't right spiritually. Make it right before its too late here on this earth.The same hateful hearted person can be here today spreading hate, look for them tomorrow and their gone. Now I understand fully with my heart, the people who hated me without caused, were assigned enemies attempting to block, hinder me from reaching my ultimate higher spiritual potential.

Spiritual People

Some think spiritual people are crazy, because we have the ability to see, hear and detect certain energies that others can't. I call it a gift from God. A gift that many may look upon being very crazy. Yet, these same gifts can save a life soul. We can't just judge people according to man law, there's a lwa more deeper and higher than laws of this world.

Only true deep spiritual people can relate and understand what I'm saying. I don't nor care if everyone is not receiving this, probably this word is never met for their life journey here on earth. Spiritual people recognize, acknowledge spiritual things and people. A close mind will never be able to adapt and see into the spiritual hour glass of life.

I may leave this world as a poor black woman, only leaving behind me, the wealth of real and true words. I hope that I may be a blessing to some one soul in this perspective. I were never famous, only a person that had to fight every step of the way. In order to fulfilled my destiny call, to speak out for what's right, protect others in my way, encourage, motivate and hopeful heal with words, wounded souls.

Enemies Lost

So for my enemies who have hated me all my life here on this earth. I say thank you, you drove me to be and became a more spiritual person in tune with self. Even God used you to help make me strong, braver, and more courageous in my own way. I've never been afraid of death, its a part of life. Therefore, saying that. I reefuse to live out the remaining of my adult life trying to change a thing I have no power over in order to appease other people. You either receive me or not, either way I will never lose any sleep over your disapproval of me.


When I see you pointing the fingers at me, there more fingers being pointed back on you. Judge unless you be judge with the same measurement. I no longer question why, others may do things to hurt me. I understand now this give them too much power over your soul. No matter how bad they don't want to see me grow and expand, if it's in God's plan there's not a dam thing they can do about it.

Just when I thought those who have hurt me over the years, got away with it. I see God isn't allowing them they grace of getting away with harming and hurting me as a child. This is why I can move on now to my most higher and greater good. They can bitch and be angry as they wish. Matter of fact, I will give my opponents proper authority and permission to hate me, if that's what they choose for themselves in life.

I allow them every permission to fight against the stone who created me. I must warn them however, to fight against God. Is like fighting against a atom bomb once released. . For my past enemies, I see them wasting and decaying away. Instead of them receiving a long healthy life as a blessing. I see them suffer a slow torture form of death, their health is fading fast, limbs are becoming weak, some have condition, doctors can't cure.

Message To My Appointed Enemies

If you choose to waste the rest of your time here on earth, hating Ms. Lax. I say more power to you, as for me though. I choose to move on and forward in my own personal spiritual journey. I'm allowing myself to forgive them and move on to my own life journey, the more higher call, I pray for the souls of them who hated me without sound reasons.

 May God have mercy on their souls come judgement time.